Friday, March 30, 2012

TRAK Files Episode 3

Episode 3 is out, this episode has been a bit of a cursed episode, finally released almost a month and a half behind schedule, due to unforeseen technical issues of filming editing and producing the series while in the road traveling in Central America. In February my computer unexpectedly stopped working after a slight incident with a bag man in Panama dropping my bag (containing my laptop) I had tried hard to protect. I was unable to do repairs on the computer in Panama as in 5 days I was to fly out to Belize, I decided to fix it in Belize and lost a week of good editing time. on arrival in Belize the computer worked again, and I began editing again in-between guiding client groups out on the islands, then the computer stopped working again, this time we found the issue was the video card that had been shaken lose in travels. It finally seemed I could get the Episode finished however I then had issues with the final render, and after pulling out every graphic and change in the area where the render froze, I found the image that caused the issue and the episode got done.

 Also in the past month and a bit, I had my SLR camera stolen along with all my memory cards containing all the footage from Panama (only to find again, along with bags, passports another computer and more stuff stolen from our tent; scattered along the beach in the night with the high tide threatening to engulf it). I then lost my Main GoPro Camera with LCD back pack and flat lens in the surf while filming. It has been a challenging project to release episode 3 of the TRAK files amongst the ongoing adventures, filming and guiding. I hope you enjoy!